broken leg



that day I suddenly remembered

crazed with all the energy

jumped from brick to brick

balanced on one leg

like karateka kung-fu master

flapping arms and kicking air

widely eyes squinted

as in a movie I just saw


a leg broke as I was bravely leaping

with eyes slightly squinched

I yelled into a sandy ditch

kyaaah with all the focus on my foot

pierced by a buried bucket’s brim

accidentally I was overtaken

by a forgotten sleeping bucket

glistening in the ditch


a thread of lightning struck a tree

as with a sword before my eyes

the treetop fell down another thread

hit me a little bit too late

with steaming coffee on the terrace

I bolted off the chair

and screaming aaaah I heard

a pop of breaking leg


when the chair fell I had remembered

the day I jumped waved and balanced

like a master in a recent movie

I screeched with squinted eyes

big teardrops fell into the ditch

the rain calmed down the aching tree

that day a bucket overcame me today

the lightning flash took down a chair




46×75 cm

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