A painting goes along with a poem which is printed on aditional foam board card W15xH21xD0,3 cm which I recommend to hang near the painting because for me it is the one piece: painting + the story. here it is:


hordes of restless men crowded this day
soldiers covered in armor
bound by iron canvas leather
guts pulsating heartbeat echoes
heavy in the temples
raising legs into a step hot breath

not gazing to the sky
backs pressed under their heavy gear
for saving or for taking lives
in the name of children forsaken homes
of women and their songs of foxes
birch trees a boy a blossom or a god
meadows rivers apple orchards

having left behind they track through snow
some in a memory some in a dream
some wiping tears away their rosary
they tell a joke with crooked smile
dropping down a mitten with a cough

on snowy land of their ancestors
snow crystals blink with eyes of
jilted maidens
eyes water clasping throat with tears
drop silent deep into the snow
into the frigid ground and thawing
forefather spirits set deep in ice awaking

one after other soul
succumbed in battle rises
peace in the hearts of men
soughs with their mothers lips into ears
hushshsh dear child of mine
my darling oak be calm
a little bug
of mine


60×80 cm


There are parts in painting covered with watercolor markers which change color and fade over time if exposed on direct sunlight. I would suggest to hang this painting in place where direct sunlight doesn’t appear.

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