beautiful again (like a fairy tale)

summer’s day caressed  by the rays

of the sun my exposed leg

out of the shade is getting warmer

dew is evaporating on the ants


the crumbs of the sandwich are moving

somewhere to the holes in the ground

I’m eating breakfast together with beetles

and their children Paul comes beaming

I think that sun is glaring into eyes


he shows the opened knife sticks it

to the damp soil draws a big circle

splits it in half one is for me the other

for him in our minds we can fill it up

with friends cities trains rockets is easy


to stab into a big piece to cut it off

it is nice to diminish friend’s space

on our earth I’m more lucky to hit

and slice off more and more of his

forests castles hills and rivers on my side


and heavier the air smells like iron

warm drops pouring down and quickly

cooling on the skin the clothes

are getting wet in the balcony


the woman is shouting Павлик

иди домой* quick friend grabs

the knife from my hands disappear

our earth’s lines get mixed with rain


runs off into the tiny holes with crumbs

to ants and moles worms peep out and writhe

around slowly the clouds are floating whilst

taking away the rain away from the sun



* Paul, go home

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