There was this very tough man, for reasons unknown (whether possessed by evil spirits or restless ancestor souls were getting into that person’s will, maybe he wasn’t loved by his parents (at least that was what he would say himself), perhaps God’s punishment or a test…

His life was seeping with strange, baffling pain. He seemed to be defensive towards the entire world, never loved a person nor an animal, but he liked women and might be that’s why after his death, his soul was trapped in a diamond unearthed by miners among many others, cut into a proper shape and made into a lustrous adornment catching gazes of many women. One of whom had the fate of getting the jewel with the man’s soul. And he, although being a diamond, could nestle against her on special occasions.

No matter what kind of person he was in the past, kinship ties are strong and he was sometimes visited by the souls of his family members. For example, his mom used to ask:

– ну, Ирочка, как поживаешь?

– ааай, вот уже три недели в коробке лежу…*


* – Well, well, Irochka, how’s it going?

– Oh, not much, been lying in a box for three weeks…

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