2020 01 15: paintings


Some people know (but mostly – not), what happens underground or in the depths of a mountain. For instance, underneath a lush chunk of forest there might flow a subterranean river as a underwater channel between two lakes. Fish can use it to travel to some secluded nooks. Dive deep in their home lake surrounded by meadows with mountain goats and swim through a dark little undulating tunnel which ends in a forest lake or even in some sort of secretly hidden oasis between ridges looking like a plain mountain from the outside, but tucking away a meadow inside it. Like a tooth that seems externally healthy but hides nothing but decay within.

Most likely, these kind of things never existed, but I would love for at least this one instance to be real:  a creek flowing down the mountain plunges deep into its depths and travels to the lake in small streams. This lake has an underground river leading to a smaller lake lying below and runs further to a second, very deep one.



70 x 89 cm

2017 09 17: paintings


at 2 kilometres away

from the main trail

a private estate plate

banned to go further after all


the water of the forest is calling

in the cutting the river is sloshing

bushes grassland we are finally

here found those two trees


and who knows why in their

shadow there are two tiny roach

the second Tuesday more or less at 2

with their thrust snouts for some time


maybe  they are smelling something

later quickly dive in as if have agreed

or feel frightened we come closer

to the bank to see some tiny spawn


56,5×90 cm



what was your dream?



I wasn’t sleeping

why did you twitch then?

I thought about something

with closed eyes the trees

with entwined roots forever

until they dry out sucking

each other’s sap

like nuts?

like gnats


is that why you cried?

I didn’t cry

but was so sorry for those sad eyes

of a lonely apple seller

I saw passing by

with a red bag

like your cheeks?

on his laps

says a kilo I say

ok I take it all

for not to see

his eyes again



50×70 cm

2017 07 23: text

beautiful again (like a fairy tale)

summer’s day caressed  by the rays

of the sun my exposed leg

out of the shade is getting warmer

dew is evaporating on the ants


the crumbs of the sandwich are moving

somewhere to the holes in the ground

I’m eating breakfast together with beetles

and their children Paul comes beaming

I think that sun is glaring into eyes


he shows the opened knife sticks it

to the damp soil draws a big circle

splits it in half one is for me the other

for him in our minds we can fill it up

with friends cities trains rockets is easy


to stab into a big piece to cut it off

it is nice to diminish friend’s space

on our earth I’m more lucky to hit

and slice off more and more of his

forests castles hills and rivers on my side


and heavier the air smells like iron

warm drops pouring down and quickly

cooling on the skin the clothes

are getting wet in the balcony


the woman is shouting Павлик

иди домой* quick friend grabs

the knife from my hands disappear

our earth’s lines get mixed with rain


runs off into the tiny holes with crumbs

to ants and moles worms peep out and writhe

around slowly the clouds are floating whilst

taking away the rain away from the sun



* Paul, go home

2017 07 19: paintings



that day I suddenly remembered

crazed with all the energy

jumped from brick to brick

balanced on one leg

like karateka kung-fu master

flapping arms and kicking air

widely eyes squinted

as in a movie I just saw


a leg broke as I was bravely leaping

with eyes slightly squinched

I yelled into a sandy ditch

kyaaah with all the focus on my foot

pierced by a buried bucket’s brim

accidentally I was overtaken

by a forgotten sleeping bucket

glistening in the ditch


a thread of lightning struck a tree

as with a sword before my eyes

the treetop fell down another thread

hit me a little bit too late

with steaming coffee on the terrace

I bolted off the chair

and screaming aaaah I heard

a pop of breaking leg


when the chair fell I had remembered

the day I jumped waved and balanced

like a master in a recent movie

I screeched with squinted eyes

big teardrops fell into the ditch

the rain calmed down the aching tree

that day a bucket overcame me today

the lightning flash took down a chair




46×75 cm

2017 06 16: paintings


A painting goes along with a poem which is printed on aditional foam board card W15xH21xD0,3 cm which I recommend to hang near the painting because for me it is the one piece: painting + the story. here it is:


hordes of restless men crowded this day
soldiers covered in armor
bound by iron canvas leather
guts pulsating heartbeat echoes
heavy in the temples
raising legs into a step hot breath

not gazing to the sky
backs pressed under their heavy gear
for saving or for taking lives
in the name of children forsaken homes
of women and their songs of foxes
birch trees a boy a blossom or a god
meadows rivers apple orchards

having left behind they track through snow
some in a memory some in a dream
some wiping tears away their rosary
they tell a joke with crooked smile
dropping down a mitten with a cough

on snowy land of their ancestors
snow crystals blink with eyes of
jilted maidens
eyes water clasping throat with tears
drop silent deep into the snow
into the frigid ground and thawing
forefather spirits set deep in ice awaking

one after other soul
succumbed in battle rises
peace in the hearts of men
soughs with their mothers lips into ears
hushshsh dear child of mine
my darling oak be calm
a little bug
of mine


60×80 cm


There are parts in painting covered with watercolor markers which change color and fade over time if exposed on direct sunlight. I would suggest to hang this painting in place where direct sunlight doesn’t appear.

2017 04 15: text

There was this very tough man, for reasons unknown (whether possessed by evil spirits or restless ancestor souls were getting into that person’s will, maybe he wasn’t loved by his parents (at least that was what he would say himself), perhaps God’s punishment or a test…

His life was seeping with strange, baffling pain. He seemed to be defensive towards the entire world, never loved a person nor an animal, but he liked women and might be that’s why after his death, his soul was trapped in a diamond unearthed by miners among many others, cut into a proper shape and made into a lustrous adornment catching gazes of many women. One of whom had the fate of getting the jewel with the man’s soul. And he, although being a diamond, could nestle against her on special occasions.

No matter what kind of person he was in the past, kinship ties are strong and he was sometimes visited by the souls of his family members. For example, his mom used to ask:

– ну, Ирочка, как поживаешь?

– ааай, вот уже три недели в коробке лежу…*


* – Well, well, Irochka, how’s it going?

– Oh, not much, been lying in a box for three weeks…

2017 03 17: paintings



out of the four gates

arises thunder

trembling ground quivers cabbage

carrots beans I had at lunch

a wave of dust and angst

worried voices

next… Šeimyniškių* snake

stinging toe

body frozen

cannot run or strike

a bloodstained beak

pinches her Neptune blue

Gilette wings

beating fast a sound

of awful movement hissing

ššššilas bridge*…

leaping up I kick

a red umbrella pardon pardon

excuse me missed

my stop I am

on the other side of river now



* – bus stop



50×70 + 18×13 cm

2017 03 3: text

mom kept saying he’s so strange

a beardless man with hanging chain

in ear a hairy pimple on a shin

six scars on back as if

released from maws of bear or dragon

moss in his breath

hair not resembling ones of a person

who likes all things clear

as a day averted gaze

from his blank eyes

only a half-smile while

muttering that man is sick

with sound of dry leaves

to some reminding pouring gravel

a rippling or even birds

in sky the man’s baffling words

were carried away by wind

yet the mother daughter

liked his bracelet at night

sparkling with crumbs of fire

with his woven in hair

warming in winter

2017 02 8: paintings


In few words – this could be a short story of a life of a man as a father and his journey to our Father. Here how it is:


today I remembered my father
and his picture of Joseph
don’t know if he liked travelling
as driving with Styopa his friend when
he arrived at our place when we
weren’t there yet left the mountains
with snakes bay leaves khinkali stayed
with us to drink more simple wine
some kind of beer the longing
he did not succeed to swallow ever

we drove with ambulance and
ZIL truck my first time driving down
the street curve Krantine’s street
right by the river where steamboats
sailed Vilnius Riga Tallin Neris
waved briefly cheering us up

in winter ice for sliding down
he didn’t like me laughing
falling down he laughed himself
eyes wet like mine’s now
I remember smell of Pervalka
we went to sea and jumped through waves
and jellyfish and shells we gathered
I collected stamps and boxes
as he did toy cars his pride was Volga

we left for Fabijoniškės he
went to Gabriškės with Volvo
and Nijolė stayed far from us
until the very end until the Father
came and forever took him
home to teach some balance
as on a slackline


Whole artwork is combined of two canvases (50 x 70 cm + 18 × 13 cm) and a text on a white cardboard (14,8 x 21 cm)




2016 11 4: paintings



stars spinning around

the trees and the tent

bonfire flames growing

upwards with legs


twisting and shoes

kicking a basket of mushrooms

silenced inside the mouth

word-endings scatter


a hundred seas rumble in my head

somebody hits a drum in the distance

or is it the wind only nestling

between the pines of the forest


a salty taste in my throat

scratching the kettle’s bottom

why in the seven hells  were there

fly agaric in my soup?




61×86 cm



2016 09 8: paintings


This painting goes along with a story about what happens in waters and in this case some kind of samurai was practicing in a river and accidentally cut a fish in half which flew down the river into the arms of fisherman. here it is:

as in that song where from
Šašvė to Nevėžis and coiling
further up to Nemunas in to
the distance or something
like it through stones
with green wavy mane to
the rhythm of god’s eternal
song the rivers flow

this dance of waters
is irresistible to many
species fish and clams
crayfish and larvae meet
in search for longer life
in muddy darkness

glistening blade soughs
in the air sunbeam flashes
through a creek and flies
towards forest a gust of wind
sliding through surface
carries downstream
splashes with ripples
shouts and sweat drops

who could have thought where
that poor roach fish would swim
when cut in half by training
warrior with his sword in river
up to chest swiftly wavering
and hacking water

not knowing what will happen
with one or other side of it
the fish swam to the sea
and there got in a plastic bag
which soon got caught
into a fishing net the catch
surprised the fisherman
so much he even cursed


61×86 cm



such calm morning!

sun glistens the dew

on grass tips in the meadow

grazing horses

take heed upon hearing

woodpecker’s breakfast.

heads tilted down

they lick fresh shrubs

these youngsters, you know

only care about frolics and snickering

chasing each other

prodding, bouncing

without seeing fog fall down

on the meadow. More fun playing

can barely see anything

morning prayers of birds

in the distance

faraway fisherman’s radio

nibbling of the grass

a sudden cold breeze

brings the smell of fur…



61×86 cm

2016 05 11: paintings



dunes crunching sand shaking simmering

after a soft breeze pops dry

cracking stone bursts in flames

a bush rolls down scattering ember


every living thing burrows deeper praying

for a drop of water strength or eternal

peace with parched blazing heart

beating ever more quickly


until the ground starts shaking

and bones beneath it hot rocks sand

it becomes obvious that it’s not a heart

not the earth that is beating but sky


Tlaloc* slashes clouds pierces

lightning under his feet trampling

black of crying he screams with a hundred

voices angry at his wife again



being booted out to think and get some

fresh air to calm down like the time he

was only joking and daunted just a little

why isn’t she getting his jokes?


*god of rain



61×86 cm



2016 01 19: paintings

Framed artwork comes along with a story about reconciliation between a man and snake through a beautiful-eyed dog:

he’s slowly strolling with a basket. humming a tune, beard with a fume.
sunbeams gently stroking mushroom caps, cropped stems bobbing.

she’s slithering over wet moss. brushing along her tingling abdomen trough branches and roots. the fierce snake.

a shoe slips on the crawler. the basket trembles, a few parasol mushrooms fall out one of their gamps roll down into blueberry bushes

a loud ‘what the hell!’ echoes through the branches. woodpecker hushes, trills a swift.
he crouches to pick up the mushroom. something moves between his fingers

a sudden pain shoots up his arm. a snake!
pulled out a blade that hung upon his belt, thrust into the blueberry bush, blood colored the moss.

pinched his wound, clenching his teeth, forgot the mushrooms, hurried back home.
snake’s soul rose from the bloods, above the tree trunks, through the branches chased a squirrel, a ladybug, a butterfly, a fly that flew into the human’s house.

in it, a bitch is pregnant, the litter’s not going to be large: two greyish brown and one green eyed black pup. he was chosen by the soul of snake, to be reborn as man’s best friend.

The man returned back home with bloody arm. that night it swell, he violently retched
but survived and slowly he got better. after a month, he felt like new.

the dog whelped three puppies. two, the man took to the woods, buried under a pine-tree
as a sacrifice to Indraja. but one he kept for himself – black like the night, eyes green as a forest.



61×86 cm

2015 11 16: paintings



I had this dog a very good boy

with his beady eyes smiling

with this cute little face

eating vomit and licking

everyone’s cheeks ears

snuggled up tightly

and we slept together

me her and him


and another dog I had

one more angry with strangers

prone to conflict but goood

appetite just feed him

a big dinner

then snuggled up tightly

and we slept together

me her and him



61×86 cm