In few words – this could be a short story of a life of a man as a father and his journey to our Father. Here how it is:


today I remembered my father
and his picture of Joseph
don’t know if he liked travelling
as driving with Styopa his friend when
he arrived at our place when we
weren’t there yet left the mountains
with snakes bay leaves khinkali stayed
with us to drink more simple wine
some kind of beer the longing
he did not succeed to swallow ever

we drove with ambulance and
ZIL truck my first time driving down
the street curve Krantine’s street
right by the river where steamboats
sailed Vilnius Riga Tallin Neris
waved briefly cheering us up

in winter ice for sliding down
he didn’t like me laughing
falling down he laughed himself
eyes wet like mine’s now
I remember smell of Pervalka
we went to sea and jumped through waves
and jellyfish and shells we gathered
I collected stamps and boxes
as he did toy cars his pride was Volga

we left for Fabijoniškės he
went to Gabriškės with Volvo
and Nijolė stayed far from us
until the very end until the Father
came and forever took him
home to teach some balance
as on a slackline


Whole artwork is combined of two canvases (50 x 70 cm + 18 × 13 cm) and a text on a white cardboard (14,8 x 21 cm)




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