This painting goes along with a story about what happens in waters and in this case some kind of samurai was practicing in a river and accidentally cut a fish in half which flew down the river into the arms of fisherman. here it is:

as in that song where from
Šašvė to Nevėžis and coiling
further up to Nemunas in to
the distance or something
like it through stones
with green wavy mane to
the rhythm of god’s eternal
song the rivers flow

this dance of waters
is irresistible to many
species fish and clams
crayfish and larvae meet
in search for longer life
in muddy darkness

glistening blade soughs
in the air sunbeam flashes
through a creek and flies
towards forest a gust of wind
sliding through surface
carries downstream
splashes with ripples
shouts and sweat drops

who could have thought where
that poor roach fish would swim
when cut in half by training
warrior with his sword in river
up to chest swiftly wavering
and hacking water

not knowing what will happen
with one or other side of it
the fish swam to the sea
and there got in a plastic bag
which soon got caught
into a fishing net the catch
surprised the fisherman
so much he even cursed



61×86×2 cm

acrylic, spray paint, graphite, markers lacquer on paper

2 cm white wooden frame

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