When the inner world starts to become clearer, you move to a state of Pratyahara, the fifth limb of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In the Sleeping Tortoise Pose, the limbs, ears, eyes, nose, skin, mouth and mind are drawn into the inner landscape therein resulting in Pratyahara.

Supta Kurmasana is the “sleeping tortoise”. When a turtle is sleeping, it is well awarded of its environment, but is not disturbed by it. Have you ever tried to wake up a turtle? Whatever you do, it does not move, wherever you bring it, it won’t have any reaction, however it will be fully conscious of what is going on.


Funded by Lithuanian council for culture to make a series of yoga poses to remind every of us to exercise. Especially in times when we have to stay at home. Stay in shape!




151x81x3 cm

acrylic, various textile on plastic panels

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